James has been leading a karate club at Ravenstone since (could you pop when you started in here please?) during this time he has inspired children to become the best athletes possible. The child always respond to James with such respect and he always shows it back. It has been great as a school to see children being graded and succeeding with their karate skills. Thank you James.

Joe Croft, Headteacher at Ravenstone Primary School, Balham

We are delighted to have Omolyari Karate at St. Michael’s. The sessions provide the children with the opportunity to develop their martial arts skills and confidence as well as create a sense of discipline for later life.

Anne-Marie Grant, Headteacher at St Michaels Primary School, Southfields.

James runs a very inclusive class, for boys and girls of all abilities and ages. The atmosphere he has created is one of a family, with all children supporting each other to their best, and at the same time, enjoying James’s sense of humour. My two boys have benefited both in terms of confidence and building up of their physical strength. My 7 year old has been going for 2 years now, and is already a green belt. He is always keen to go, and never finds excuses to miss lessons.

As a parent I appreciate the feedback I am given, and the opportunity to watch the children train. James is always willing to have a chat at the end of the class, and I feel he has really got to know the children and cares about them holistically. Long may he continue run classes in Balham.


I am now a green belt, and James has become more strict because he wants us to get to our blue belts. He tells me to train at home and I do because I want to get to the next level quickly